Move Over, Cupcakes: The Religieuse Has Arrived

Want to open a bakery in New York? If you want to be successful, you’d better have cupcakes on hand (or, at least, that’s what everybody says). Crumbs, Sprinkles, Butter Lane — ever since the gals of Sex and the City stepped foot in Magnolia, it was as if the cupcake had come to determine dessert shop success. So when French pastry chef Dominique Ansel — formerly of gastro-mecca Daniel — decided to open a patisserie last year, he was, naturally, advised to give cupcakes some thought. And he did…sort of. He liked the possibility they offered; their ability to chameleon into the star spot on any pastry shelf. They were adaptable: add some color, adorn with tschotskes, and — voilà! — your [insert holiday here] treat is served.

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